What steps we have taken

In following government guidance and our own initiative we have done everything we can to make sure your time with us safe and hygienic, leaving you to focus all your energy on having a relaxing and enjoying meal.

For those who are interested you can find our risk assessment here.

We would like to point out a small number of protocols directly relevant to your experience. Please give them a quick read so you know what to expect.


What they can expect/need to do when here


  1. On arrival: to reduce overcrowding we are asking customers to only enter the premises if there are no other customers standing in the front of the restaurant. Please queues in front of the restaurant downhill and wait to be called in. Don’t worry we will be able to see you! (We have umbrellas to lend to you if needed)
  2. Hand Washing: on arrival we would encourage you to use hand sanitiser which will be provided at the entrance or to use the hand washing facilities.
  3. Toilets: to reduce overcrowding we are keeping the toilets to one person at a time. Please flip the occupied sign as you enter, and don’t forget to flip it again when you leave! The disable toilet will be used as a unisex toilet available to all.
  4. Leaving the building: at the end of your meal please do wait for a server to check the exit is clear for you leave